Robert Bradsby & Karen Van Leuven

The masterminds behind The Sound Room and everything that makes this place amazing. Karen is a long time healthcare professional, working in a variety of fields for 30+ years, she is the real boss. Robert is an architect, who has worked on many interesting projects, including helping to design the first Apple stores. Together they have nurtured The Sound Room from a house concert series in their living room to an ongoing living jazz project. They can be found at every show working the bar, serving food, or taking care of their guests. Come say hi if you see them.

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Scott Bradsby

Scott brings culinary vision to our operation. Having worked in several Bay Area restaurants, high-end catering, corporate dining and private chef endeavors, he has allowed us to improve and enhance our food offerings. With a focus on local, sustainable food, Scott has helped us to partner with local purveyors and farms to take our guests experience to the next level. As we expand our operation in coming months, look for more coming from his team and their side of the operation.